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Womens SoftballSchulenburg Festival
Women’s Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament
August 5 th & 6 th 2017
Tournament Information


Date: August 5 th & 6 th 2017
Location: Schulenburg Sports Complex, 300 H.N. Schwartz Lane, Schulenburg, Tx 78956
Teams : 24 teams – Double Elimination
Entry Fee: $190.00 – Payable to Schulenburg Festival Association. Credit Cards will be accepted
Umpires: Pay-at-the-plate - $17 per team – Official ASA Umpires. (2 umpires each game)
Games Balls: Must be purchased at our park concession stand. The balls will be core 40/375 compression and will be specially stamped for our tournament. NO OTHER BALLS ALLOWED.
$5.00 per ball Bats: Only ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF bats having the NEW STAMPED CERTIFICATIONS.
Anyone using an altered/banned bat will be disqualified from tournament.
Protests: Protest fees are $175.00. Bring photo ID or driver’s license.
Homeruns : Limit 4 per game on all fields. Batter doesn’t need to run bases with homerun over fence.

Schulenburg Festival at Wolters Park
P.O. Box 115  Schulenburg, TX 78956

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