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Jackpot Beans Contest

When: Saturday August 4, 2018


1. Entries will be judged on taste, aroma, and consistency. 2. Only PINTO beans may be used in this contest and must be cooked on cook-off grounds. 3. Beans and gravy only in turn-in (NO meat or other identifying ingredients in turn-in). Entry will be disqualified. 4. Must provide one pint of beans for judging. 5. Turn-in time is 12:00 noon SHARP at the American Legion Post. 6. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three winners based on above criteria. 7. Cash prizes will be based on the number of entries, which will determine the amounts, awarded.


All decisions of the judges are final.  Misconduct will be considered automatic disqualification.  The Schulenburg Festival Association or Fayette County Go-Texan or any of its members or sponsors will not be responsible for accidents, theft, or damage to any equipment or persons.  ALL RESULTS TO THE ABOVE-MENTIONED CONTESTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED FOLLOWING THE COMPLETION OF CHILI JUDGING IN FRONT OF THE AMERICAN LEGION POST.  Gates to cook-off area will be closed at 9:00 pm Friday & remain closed the duration of Fridays festival.  Gates will also be closing at 9:00 am Saturday & remain closed the duration of Saturdays festival.  We will open gates for about 1 - 1-1/2 hours after results have been announced to allow those wanting to leave Saturday evening to do so.

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